Snow Cyclone

Brutal blasts, ice winds slam.
Cut and burn.
Frostbite danger in minutes.
A snow cyclone whirls onto this January 4, 2018.
The New Year starts with a monster storm bang.
So you think you are smart?
Layers of thermals, shirts, pants, thick socks, moonboots;
even several gloves on!

This coarse Nor'eater will teach you a thing...........
about all your precautions.......
careful planning.
You cannot, I repeat, you cannot
stave off this kind of blizzard!
And you are thinking right now.......
Well, fool!
Why did you go out in that?

Had to.
Medical necessity.....
Lab work ordered the previous day could
not be done due to multiple appointments.
Besides, they are only open till afternoon.
Anyways, just a short walk and it is enough!
How to put up with this rough stuff?
Snow and ice races, pelts.

Wind drives into your blood and bones.
Snatching the very breath out of you,
though face and mouth is double-scarf covered!
Don't get me started on forgetting my umbrella!
Lord! How dumb can you get?
In my defense......been ill going through a lot of stress
and strain. Changed my purse to the backpack and
was remiss to toss the umbrella in.

A half hour before leaving my house, looking
outside, everything was peaceful!
All of this crept upon me.
Stepping outdoors initially, pressed for time
to get there.........................lines start early.
Way before the Lab opens.
Visibility limited......snow flurries like bullets
sprayed with such speed.

The temperature is -15F.
Talk about frigid!
Your breath steam leaves frozen clouds.
Ice crystals form on exposed eyebrow hair
and any hair strands that dare to escape
from your fleece-lined woolen hat.
Slip sliding walking.
Very carefully.

Darkness and the snow cyclone mix
to form a powerful force of Winter Nature.
Later, I see the beauty in the beast
of this snow bombing.

copyright Donna Hill January 4, 2018
Deep Freeze


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